Social Studies Pedagogy

Question What places can archive, curate, or just show-off student history projects? Summer 2017 I spent four weeks walking around the United States east coast. I enjoyed Savannah and Charleston’s river streets, Wilmington’ beach, Richmond’s museums, and of course a lot of history! As I walked around I was impressed with how connected these old American towns were to their history. For example, many old buildings had been converted to historical monuments and museums, such
A common complaint among teachers and parents is the lack of student motivation. From the student perspective, they must focus on up to seven courses worth of material five days a week and complete homework afterwards. As many researchers and educators have discovered long before now, people, not just young students, are incapable of listening and memorizing for extended periods of time. Although teachers know this, students still have huge chunks of their day in
For years I have heard how learning history prepares students for a variety of jobs and tasks that require critical thinking, creativity, and an organized mind, and it is true! TEACHING THE PROCESS OF HISTORICAL THINKING Read More