Social Studies Pedagogy

How can social studies educators collaborate more with others outside their discipline? Collaboration has been a growing topic in secondary education and should be performed at all levels of education. The increased potential that all levels of education could have if teachers would simply collaborate among themselves is immense. Imagine a history student taking a chemistry course, but instead of learning formulas, they could learn about the ethics of chemical warfare, or a 10th grade
During her State of the State address, Governor Noem stated that high school students should have to pass the United States citizenship test in order to graduate high school. Questions comprising the test cover straightforward facts of American history; the citizenship test only assesses the ability to recall information. Many other states, including our neighbor North Dakota, also give this test as a state wide requirement. The test has been contested in all of the
Student Walk Outs and Protests over Gun Control On Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00am central time, twenty to forty students from my middle school’s six hundred student body participated in a walk out. My school’s administration allowed the walk out to happen and a teacher supervised the students. The walk did not cause disruptions to the school or any adjacent businesses or government buildings. I asked a student how seriously he thought the group was
Question What places can archive, curate, or just show-off student history projects? Summer 2017 I spent four weeks walking around the United States east coast. I enjoyed Savannah and Charleston’s river streets, Wilmington’ beach, Richmond’s museums, and of course a lot of history! As I walked around I was impressed with how connected these old American towns were to their history. For example, many old buildings had been converted to historical monuments and museums, such
A common complaint among teachers and parents is the lack of student motivation. From the student perspective, they must focus on up to seven courses worth of material five days a week and complete homework afterwards. As many researchers and educators have discovered long before now, people, not just young students, are incapable of listening and memorizing for extended periods of time. Although teachers know this, students still have huge chunks of their day in

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