Social Studies Pedagogy

Recently, I hosted a regional History Day competition and award ceremony. The competition and the celebration that followed were part of my incorporation of the History Day program into my curriculum. All of my 8th grade U.S. History students had to complete a project which began in August and ended in March. We started with student identity reflection and skills assessment, and then finished with a project that was meant to show students’ social studies
Website Article: The author’s argument: History curriculum should be adapted to the discussions that the generally public are currently working through. History teaching should always make an attempt to connect to the personalities of students and their perspectives. My quick assessment: Well written piece by Lisa Gilbert who has a unique view and experience with teaching history. I would have enjoyed more insight on how teachers can connect different ideas to standards and share
How can social studies educators collaborate more with others outside their discipline? Collaboration has been a growing topic in secondary education and should be performed at all levels of education. The increased potential that all levels of education could have if teachers would simply collaborate among themselves is immense. Imagine a history student taking a chemistry course, but instead of learning formulas, they could learn about the ethics of chemical warfare, or a 10th grade
During her State of the State address, Governor Noem stated that high school students should have to pass the United States citizenship test in order to graduate high school. Questions comprising the test cover straightforward facts of American history; the citizenship test only assesses the ability to recall information. Many other states, including our neighbor North Dakota, also give this test as a state wide requirement. The test has been contested in all of the
Student Walk Outs and Protests over Gun Control On Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00am central time, twenty to forty students from my middle school’s six hundred student body participated in a walk out. My school’s administration allowed the walk out to happen and a teacher supervised the students. The walk did not cause disruptions to the school or any adjacent businesses or government buildings. I asked a student how seriously he thought the group was