Social Studies Pedagogy

Thinking back into one’s own education, you might remember a teacher using film as a bright moment that propelled historical empathy and thinking, or an absolute bore. Thinking back on my own education, I had professors & teachers who used film artfully, using movies as a vehicle to challenge students’ perceptions of the past. Other teachers showed films to relieve a substitute teacher from having to deal with unruly students, or used it themselves to
My colleague and I are writing a book chapter about using the memoir and film 12 Years A Slave to teach about the trauma of slavery to eighth grade students. I discussed with another colleague, a Black American woman, who discussed how she is unable to watch the film. She described how the movie is too traumatic and she fears that watching it will only result in a worsened emotional state. My colleague’s perspective of
Before you begin reading about democratic writing, first, read the following few sentences. Take your time and read it slowly. We will visit it again.“Democratic Interchange feeds on evolution. As those affected by powers, We require abundant time to optimistically labor and endeavor through a political process. We demand more than an instant so we may protect Our rights and powers and testify Our experiences. And, with time, We struggle to perceive injustice in order
A conservative argument for the benefit behind social studies & history education is that it is a source of national pride for students. Reading triumphs, which tend to be military, economic, and political, are meant to be fed to students for a steady diet that grows patriotism. Q1. If we take the conservative argument to be true, why does curriculum not include more stories of black triumph? In his book The Education of Blacks in the
It should be the goal of social studies education to produce and promote initiative among students. This means encouraging students to independently seek out injustices or areas that need change and to take action in making that change occur. This will undoubtedly put students into conflict with others, as all change comes at the expense of the status quo. This can be especially antagonistic when students begin challenging institutional racism, sexual disenfranchisement, and the lack

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