Definitions of Grading For Mastery and Skill Based Grading

Grading for Mastery

Grading for mastery means that students must master a concept or level of learning before they move onto something new.  History Forge focuses on the mastery of methods of inquiry and social studies skills; for example, students using History Forge curriculum should be able to show their teacher that they can properly source a document. 

When a teacher utilizes a grading for mastery philosophy, they will only allow grades that directly correlate to a skill. Teachers do not remove points as punitive actions to correct student behavior (tardies, respect, or late assignments); also, there are no extra credit assignments for busy work. Only mastering skills and content knowledge can earn students points.



Skill Based Grading

Skill Based Grading is the belief that students must show competence in their ability to analyze, evaluate, and create something based on a method of inquiry and/or a social studies skill. students showed mastery by analyzing a source, creating answers, and supporting their results with evidence and rational.

These social studies skills are transferable between courses. These skills can be used in history, geography, civics, and courses that focus on modern day discussions and problems.