Hello, my name is Taylor Hamblin and I created History Forge. I am a teacher, traveler, and historian. Teaching provides me with many opportunities to engage with young minds, travel, and explore how history can be beneficial to local communities and the world. History is the great connector. Human beings have a shared past, one that is filled with compassion, compromise, and conflict. Throughout my time as a history teacher, I have found that many of my students do not see the benefits of learning how to “do history.” My goal is to show my students and other teachers that history is not dates and facts, but in fact, we make history.
The name “history forge” came from the belief that history is created. Much like a metal, history is a difficult object to manipulate. Historians and people hammer away at primary sources, historical interpretations, and varied perspectives in order to create a shape that we desire. From the fire of our own desires, we create something to be presented to society. History is a tool, one which we must use responsibly. History posseses many biases, perspectives, and methods. Despite the variety, a universal truth exists; learning how to do history shapes the mind to be flexible, be open minded to different opinions, and to become a better social citizen.